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Hey you're fucking fag if you read this or see this.

2009-05-15 18:54:26 by Faghater3

So I fucking hate you. go die piece of shit


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2009-05-15 20:08:24

level one new guy think about who will read this. If you are looking to get blocked, or comment on by people keep it up. I take offense to your tone.


2009-05-15 20:09:55

Your part of G.A.F.A aren't you?


2009-05-15 20:30:26

What is G.A.F.A? Never heard of that so i thought i would ask.


2009-05-15 20:30:34

You call everyone gay because you are covering up yourself, and badly at that. We all know you sucked your big brother off that one time, there's no hiding it. You can stay in the closet as long as you want but you should know that we all know you're an ass pirate.


2011-06-17 02:09:31

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